After a consultation, PIP provides a suggested itinerary that fits the traveler's profile - this is like a "starter pack" that helps travelers continue to brainstorm and narrow down choices. BASIC PIP is great for travelers who prefer being completely immersed in the travel-planning experience but who may require help getting started with the basics of travel to Paris and France. BASIC PIP is also a great option for travelers who simply need guidance on deciding if Paris (or another region of France) will be a destination match for them.


In addition to daily itineraries, PIP+ provides the specifics such as which companies to use for tours or perhaps a certain café, neighborhood, or hotel that fits the traveler's profile - setting up the reservations remain the responsibility of the traveler. PIP+ is perfect for "hands on" travelers who like to personally oversee bookings and want to be in contact with local service providers (and then feel like a pro traveler during travel!).


PIP CONCIERGE will act as your travel concierge pre-travel to arrange a completely flexible and independent travel itinerary - no big tour groups! This means that travelers participate in several consultations that allow PIP to customize the itinerary and make bookings for the group. This package offers the ultimate with regard to ease of travel and an itinerary that takes the guess-work out of the day-to-day once travelers are en voyage. This package is not a fit for those who prefer seizing the moment as it relies on booking experiences prior to departure. Don't fear, however; planning appropriate "free time" is part of the process with this package and does allow for flex time during travel.


Are you looking for that perfect leader who is available during travel to take you from Point A to Point B, arrange transfer services, and maybe even pick up some delicious snacks for you while you are out enjoying the sights? OUI??? If so, it's possible that PIP can actually travel with you. Please contact Traveling with PIP directly for more information.

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