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Enhance your travel to France by Traveling with PIP

Seeing & Doing

Assistance with choosing your must-see sites and monuments along with how to navigate ticket purchases, tours, arrival, and queues


Where to enjoy the many cafés, bistros, and restaurants based on preferences, dietary restrictions, and budget


Luxury brands, antiques, everyday necessities, or all of them? Incorporate shopping seamlessly into your itinerary - it's a fun way to learn and experience the city!


PIP is designed to build an itinerary that is unique to your preferences and needs so that you aren't wasting precious travel time figuring out where to go and what to do

Savor every moment in France

Have you always wanted to travel to France but feel overwhelmed? Or in the chaos of organizing and executing your travel plans, have you ever felt like you actually missed out on experiencing the actual vacation?

According to a study from 2020, the average traveler wasted an estimated 17.5 hours thinking about accommodations, researching places to visit, where to eat, waiting in lines, and more during a seven-day vacation. That’s more than an entire day of lost activity time, and we all know that wasted time equates to wasted money – and more stress. What’s more is that the 17.5 hour figure mentioned above doesn’t account for any planning or booking that takes place before travel even begins.

Feelings of “lost time” and “missing out” during travel can often be compounded by frustration, especially when it comes to destinations that are either unfamiliar (i.e. you are a first-time visitor) or that operate in a foreign language, like French.

Traveling with PIP is a practical solution to avoid losing precious time, money, and peace during your getaway to Paris and other regions of France. If you are ready to say adieu to travel stress and bonjour to a personalized and planned out itinerary, then it’s time to say OUI to Traveling with PIP’s services!




A series of one-on-one consultations allows PIP get to know you and best understand your travel expectations OR help you figure out if travel to France is a match for you.

Itinerary Options

PIP offers a range of supports to travelers such as a basic, suggested itinerary all the way to a full itinerary booking services that include help arranging hotels, tours, meals, and more.


PIP believes that travel is the ultimate educational tool and offers pre-travel workshops and tips so that you are ready to not only enjoy but also experience personal growth from your travels in France.


The creator of PIP is a French-language enthusiast and educator who has a passion for travel to France. PIP's goal is to realize your vacation wishlist while also connecting you to unforgettable experiences in France.

The first consultation is FREE! Connect with PIP today.

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