French Jewelry Inspo for your next trip to Paris

One of the easiest ways to enhance the items you already have on hand as you prepare and pack for a trip to Paris is to think about adding some classically French jewelry. Because Parisian dwellings are not as spacious and have less closet space than American counterparts, it is quite common for Parisians to focus on high-quality wardrobe staples that they wear again and again, varying their looks with different accessories. Today’s focus for creating some variation is jewelry!

Place Vendôme

Once a symbol of political power, the octagonally shaped square called Place Vendôme in the heart of Paris has ultimately because a showcase of luxury French jewelry brands – think Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and more. Depending on your budget, you may do more window shopping here than actual shopping. No matter the purpose of your visit, the window displays are beautiful year round and should not be missed (especially during the holidays)! The brands represented in this square have serious staying power, many dating back prior to the first French Republic. Exploring trends from luxury brands is a great way to pick up on simple yet effective ways to Frenchify your look.

French Jewelry Brands

In short, there are way too many to cover in one blog post here. The HIP Paris blog does a great job of rounding up some more modern and affordable choices, for example. Today’s Traveling with PIP post is going to point you to the best duplicates of the luxury brands that you are sure to see while hanging out in the City of Lights!

French Luxury Jewelry Brands and Dupes

(1) Coco Crush by Chanel earring dupes 💫

The pattern on both the original and the low-cost options adds interest to the basic huggie hoop earring, and the thicker more substantial size adds sophistication to everyday basics like tees and sweaters.

(2) VanCleef and Arpels Alhambra pendant dupes 🍀

The lovely Alhambra clover pendant shape has been seen time and time again and adds interest to any neckline.

(3) La Rose Dior by Christian Dior rosebud necklace dupe 🌹

Dior is known for infusing modernity with nature, and I think that this duplicate that offers an image projection in the center instead of a stone takes that to another level (yes, this is a necklace that you can hold to any light and an image and/or text will be revealed – so cool). I also love the idea of taking along a cherished family member or friend to Paris by wearing this necklace – too sweet!

(4) Chaumet wishbone ring dupe

These dainty wishbone rings in moissanite – or diamonds on the original – are the perfect amount sparkle to a simple and dainty ring that can also be stacked.

(5) Men’s lunar phase Breguet timepiece dupe 🌗

This brand is technically Swiss but has been around and in the luxury timepiece and jewelry market in Europe for more than a minute. Switching out a smart watch for a leather band and traditional face is an effective way to show off classic style (and track lunar phases for optimal moonlit strolls in Paris!).

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French Fashion Inspiration

Which items will you be duplicating – or will you be looking for the luxury option on Place Vendôme??? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to pin and share your favorites on Pinterest!

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